5 Alternate Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers

5 Alternate Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers


Are you monitoring your Facebook page activity regularly to assess and improve performance? Facebook Insights provides some good analytics, but there are also some very useful 3rd party Facebook analytics tools that go beyond Facebook Insights.



Agorapulse provides a full management tool for Facebook analytics Here are some of the features for the analytics component:

-Page and timeline level analytics overview and more detailed reports. Graphs display breakdown of paid, organic and viral reach.

-Free access to 8 competitive analysis statistics which compares performance of your page against other pages of a similar size to yours

-Useful analytics related to moderation of posts and content.  They can also report on average time to respond to comments.



Komfo provide a full social media marketing suite (including a suite of Facebook apps) with social media analytics as part of this.

-Post analytics on individual posts with categorization provided to allow you to clearly identify posts that were viral, spammy, engaging or penetrating.

-Shows performance for the last 30 days for up to 100 posts for the free version of the tool.

-ROI calculation and display in graph format split up into paid, organic and viral.

-Fan activity and influencer leaderboard

-Useful and simple competitor comparison chart with proprietary scoring which makes it easy to rate.



PostAcumen  aims to examine the “why” and the “how” of competitive social analytics.

Here are just some of the features they provide:

-Detailed competitive analysis which give good actionable insights.

-If you are really active on your Facebook page you can monitor real-time the activity.

-A great feature is the analysis of photos where photos shared on a page are displayed in a visual with the most popular ones appearing on the top of the page.



Quintly helps to track, analyze and benchmark Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles.

-Benchmark your page against competitors to compare performance.

-Set up customizable dashboards to monitor key metrics for you or your competitors.


Scoreboard Social

Scoreboard Social provides simplified competitive and benchmark reporting for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-Get a weekly PDF which outlines the performance of your own, and/or your competitor’s pages.

-Create multiple watchlists – A watchlist is a collection of pages. You can create multiple watchlists based on different categories of pages you are targeting.

-Based on the competitors in your watchlist you can view a quick overview of the top 2 posts for your competitor over the last 24 or 72 hours.


The above 5 Facebook analytic tools and Facebook management tools help you achieve better performance on Facebook. What Facebook tools do you use for improving performance of your Facebook page?


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